Cheese School

Learn how to pair cheeses with foods. Learn how to pair wines with cheeses. Challenge your palate to detect the subtleties between a fresh cheese and a bloomy one, a blue cheese and a semi-soft one. Below is a schedule of Cheese School events to help expand your cheese horizons – and have a deliciously fun time doing it!

Did you know that Yankee Magazine named our Cheese School of CT a “2016 Best Attraction in Connecticut”? We hope you will join us for a class soon!

Cheese 101

Are you a cheese lover?   Do you want to know more about it? Cheese 101 is the place to start. Sit and enjoy a plate of some of our best cheeses (with a little wine to wash it down, of course) as we get down to the basics. We’ll guide you through a scrumptious tasting of fresh and bloomy cheeses, washed rind and aged, plus a variety of cow, sheep, and goat cheese, all while learning about cheese-making, storage, and serving. Leave with your new-found knowledge and order with confidence the next time you’re at a cheese counter.$50

Fairfield Location: Thursday, September 7th  7-9pm

Greenwich Location: Thursday, September 14th 7-9pm

Slow Food Cheese Festival:The Cheeses of Italy

Italy has always drawn us. From the Robiolas of Piedmont to the king of cheeses, Parmigiano Reggiano, Italy is a cheese lovers paradise. In September we traveled with Cheese Journeys to the bi-annual Slow Food Cheese Festival in Bra, Italy and tonight we will share our adventure and all the delicious cheeses and wines we discovered. Sit back and enjoy the best Italian cheeses and savor the wines of northern Italy. $50

Fairfield Location: Tuesday, October 17th 7-9pm

Greenwich Location: Tuesday, October 24th 7-9pm

Perfect Pairings: Cheese and Wine

Cheese and wine go together like peanut butter and jelly and choosing the perfect wine to match with a delicious cheese is really quite easy if you understand a few basic pairing principles. In this class, we will give you the tools to become a pairing expert as we present six cheeses paired with their perfect wine. $50

Fairfield Location: Tuesday, December 5th 7-9pm

Greenwich Location: Thursday, November 2nd 7pm-9pm

Cheese & Chocolate

Indulgence in great food and drink around the holiday season is nearly universal, and tonight we have chocolate experts from Raaka Chocolate in Brooklyn, NY to help guide us through the pairing of two of our favorite foods. Open your minds and your palate and learn all about the chocolate making process and how cheese makes a great pairing.  $50

Fairfield Location: Thursday, November 9th 7-9pm

Gruyère Past and Present. A Deep Dive with Glenn Hills of Columbia Cheese

Gruyère is a classic but what do you really know about it? A standard in cheese shops and grocery stores of all sizes Gruyère is a delicious, satisfying mountain cheese that is equally at home on a cheese board or in a recipe.    Its popularity is undeniable. But is all Gruyere the same? And what makes one Gruyere different from another? Join Glenn Hills from Columbia Cheese, an importer of Alpine cheeses, for a discussion on the history, craft and commerce of Gruyere. We will enjoy it with a nicely paired wine from the region $50

Fairfield Location: Tuesday, November 14th 7-9pm


How To Make A Holiday Cheese Platter

How To Make Raclette

How To Make Fondue

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Join Us for a Cheese Journey in Italy

Owners Laura Downey and Chris Palumbo will be traveling with Cheese Journeys on a trip of a lifetime for Cheese Enthusiasts. Join them from September 13th – September 22nd in Italy for travel through the culinary back doors of the Piedmont region of Italy.  Included in the tour price are: lodging for 9 nights, continental breakfast provided 9 mornings, 7 noon and 8 evening meals (including alcoholic beverages served with meals) and much, much more!

For details about this amazing trip please visit the Cheese Journeys website.

For more information about Laura Downey please visit her Cheese Journey’s Bio page.