The premier cheese gift basket purveyors in all of New England

Gourmet cheese gift baskets for every occasion

Packed to the brim with delectable cheeses, savory charcuterie, and distinctive speciality items, our gourmet gift baskets will please even the most discerning of palates. Whether you need a gift for a casual curd lover or a dedicated cheese fiend, we are your source for elegant cheese gift baskets in Fairfield and Greenwich counties.

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Sample New England’s rich artisanal cheese offerings

We offer some of New England’s most prized cheeses in our locally sourced baskets (literally prized – these cheeses win international competitions every year). Once you taste Coupole, from Vermont Creamery, an aged goat cheese named for its likeness to a snow-covered dome, or Bayley Hazen Blue, from Jasper Hill Farm, a raw blue with a fudge-like texture and toasted-nut sweetness, you’ll see why New England ranks among the premier dairy destinations in America.

We round out our New Englander packages with Vermont Smoke and Cure pepperoni, Castleton VT Crackers, and more local favorites that will excite the senses and transport the recipient’s mind, if not their body, to our rolling hills and sweet pastures.


Explore European delicacies

Experience some of the finest old-world artisan cheeses that Europe has to offer, or gift them to someone extra-special. These are the crème de la crème of classic European cheeses – some of which you won’t find anywhere else in New England. Each one is aged by an expert affineur to the very peak of flavor, texture, and aroma before making the long journey to our cheese case, where we cut them by hand for each order.

The cheeses featured in our European gift basket are complemented by savory salami, complex truffle oil, and aromatic and rich Brix chocolate – to name just a few of the fine specialty items we’ve included.


Corporate gift baskets

Whether you need a single basket to seal the deal, or a hundred baskets to thank your team, we will provide the ultimate in luxury gift baskets tailored to your specifications. We understand the need for expeditious service when dealing with corporate clients, and will work with you to ensure your baskets are delivered on time and on budget.

Need something 100% unique?

Let us help you design the perfect cheese gift basket. We will walk you through our selections, provide insight into what makes each cheese so special, and help you create an individual experience that will delight even the most jaded of foodies. 

Pick a few cheeses, perhaps a few savory charcuterie items, some specialty accompaniments… the choices are limitless when you create a custom basket with us. This is the perfect way to show someone who cares about food that you care about them.


Bayley Hazen Blue – Perhaps the ultimate in raw-cheese delight.