Our Wares

Artisanal Cheese

Our cases are brimming with some of the most desirable American artisan and farmstead cheeses, as well as the tastiest versions of traditional European cheeses. We take great care in selecting small-batch, unique cheeses to fill our cases. Our cut-to-order cheese guarantees that your selections will make it home in the best possible condition.

As you can guess, we’re eager to share our passion for cheese with you – so please, come sample to your liking, and expect to hear the colorful stories behind our cheese, it might just help you find exactly what you’re looking for.


Salted, cured or smoked, our selection of artisanal charcuterie is as thoughtfully selected and delicious as our cheeses and accompaniments. As you might expect, all of our meat is carefully sourced for its craftsmanship and outstanding flavor. Our American-made Salumi in particular does not disappoint. Following old-world traditions, the makers source their meat locally and create the Salumi by hand in small batches. In addition to our Salumi, we’re excited to also offer a variety of cut-to-order pâtés.

Specialty Pantry

Let’s talk delicious accompaniments. Following our philosophy of hand-crafted quality, we source from artisans who use historic methods to produce in small batches. A drizzle of local honey over a blue cheese, a touch of hand-crafted, traditional Dijon and cornichons with country pâté, or maybe a dish of small-batch extra virgin olive oil with bread could take your cheese course to a new level. Plus, we don’t look far to source our chocolates, sauces, crackers and other goodies – many come from local and American artisans.


Hand-crafted cheese utensils, unique cheeseboards and cheese books are the perfect complement to our cheeses and other gourmet delectables.