Sbrinz Alpage AOP 36 Month Aged


Andreas Gut/Gourmino Imports

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Sbrinz Alpage is truly a rare cheese made with milk from brown cows that graze on Swiss Alpine pastures thousands of feet above sea level. This Sbrinz is aged for three years and develops an extra hard, golden interior that's best enjoyed broken into chunks onto the cheeseboard to show off its beautiful crystalline structure. Its flavors are complex, with notes of toffee, meatiness, and a citrusy chamomile finish.

Sbrinz has been produced in Switzerland for centuries. 

Farm/Producer/Importer: Andreas Gut/Gourmino Imports
Place: Lucerne, Switzerland
Style: Hard, Alpine
Milk Type: Raw Cow
Rennet: Traditional
Age: 36 Months
Pairing: Champagne, Pilsner