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Sourcing Food with Integrity

We love supporting the American cheesemaker, as well as other artisan food producers nationwide and smaller production traditional cheeses worldwide. We forge relationships with small farms, cheesemakers, importers, and distributors to bring you the finest cheese and specialty foods available. Our goal is to curate the best examples of classic European cheeses we can find and the most delicious New World cheeses being made today. The cheese has to be delicious but equally important it must be made in traditional ways and honor the animals, the land and the people who work it.

We believe the food system in this country needs improvement, and by supporting the cheesemakers who do things right, we can affect change. We want to help family farms and help preserve traditional foods, not large corporations. It is food that is healthier for us, better for the environment and supports our rural communities.

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Sharing our Expertise with Customers

Our staff is made up of people who are passionate about good food and providing a great customer service experience. Our team loves cheese and sharing it with you. Every cheese has a story, a history, a farmer and a cheesemaker behind it and it is our job as cheesemongers to tell those stories. We do it every day behind the counter, every week in cheese school and at every event we have. It is truly the best part of our job.

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