Parmigiano Reggiano PDO

Giorgio Cravero


For five generations, the Cravero family has been hand-selecting young wheels of Parmigiano Reggiano from the best farms of Emilia-Romagna and bringing them to their maturation caves in Bra, a village in central Piedmont. One of the smaller producers they work with is Caseificio Sociale San Pietro which is in the town of Benedello di Pavullo. Massimo and Laura Libra produce just six wheels of cheese per day, and they work with five local farms, all of whom feed their animals exclusively on local grass and hay. They are located at altitude and because of that they are permitted to use the designation Prodotto di Montagna, (product of the mountain) a designation the Consorzio reserves for high altitude cheeses. Cravero believes the best Parmigiano Reggiano is aged for 24 months when the flavor is deep and developed, but the cheese still retains enough moisture to make it toothsome. We believe the small production and the affinage (the aging) sets this Parmigiano Reggiano apart from wheels available at supermarkets and big-box retailers.

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