Our staff is made up of people who are passionate about good food and providing a great customer service experience. Our team loves cheese and sharing it with you. Every cheese has a story, a history, a farmer and a cheesemaker behind it and it is our job as cheesemongers to tell those stories. We do it every day behind the counter, every week in cheese school and at every event we have. It is truly the best part of our job.

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We opened Fairfield Cheese Company in May of 2009 with a passion for cheese, a retail and catering background, and a desire to “fill a void” in our local food landscape.

Our goal was to bring the best artisan cheese and specialty foods to the Fairfield community and the second part of that mission was to teach people about them. Cheese School has been an integral part of our shops because knowledge boosts confidence and appreciation. Education has been at the core of everything we do and will continue to do.

In 2014 we expanded to serve the Greenwich, Connecticut community with Greenwich Cheese Company in the Cos Cob neighborhood. In 2017, we launched Cheesemonger Box, an e-commerce only website that brings the cut to order cheese shop experience around the country.

We take our craft seriously. We are both American Cheese Society Certified Cheese Professionals (ACS CCP), a distinction earned by only a few hundred people nationwide. And in addition to winning several awards and seals of approval from culinary magazines and establishments, we’ve earned a listing in the Oxford Companion to Cheese.

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Lead Cheesemonger

What made you want to work in cheese?

I had worked in food after graduating from college and after moving from Pennsylvania to Connecticut, I found work in the specialty foods department in a grocery store. Once I started working with the cheese I was completely blown away. It’s such a unique agricultural product that is endlessly variable and so naturally satisfying that I thought it was the perfect little corner of the food world to devote myself. I’ve been at Fairfield Cheese Co for almost three years.

What is your favorite part of being cheesemonger?

I love the process, the work, of sharing a cheese with someone. We get to observe the cheese, we get to engage with the cheese by tasting it and handling it. Then we try to take that whole experience and sum it up in a few short phrases or descriptors in the hope of achieving a faithful idea of what that cheese is.

Your favorite cheese right now? Why.

Right now, my favorite cheese is Taleggio. It’s a super traditional cheese, from northern Italy, and you can find it easily, most any cheese shop or grocery store cheese department better have it. And like we often say about those types of cheeses, they are not all created equal. At its best, it’s the perfect harmony of sweet and funk and it pairs with just about everything and doubles as a workhorse in the kitchen.

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Full-time Cheesemonger Fairfield

What made you want to work in cheese?

While working as a specialty grocery team leader, I became fascinated and appreciative of artisan cheese that I decided to follow my passion and be a Cheesemonger. I love that real cheese is tied to the earth, and that cheese, like wine, has terroir. I’ve worked at Fairfield Cheese for over two years.

What is your favorite part of being a cheesemonger?

I love learning the story behind a cheese, and I love tasting delicious cheeses from around the world and discussing them with my fellow cheesemongers.  I love to pass that information on to customers and get them interested in the cheeses I love. It's nice when they come back and tell me how much they loved what I shared with them.

Your favorite cheese right now? Why?

My favorite cheese at the moment is our French Bleu des Causses. It's super creamy, fruity, and has the right balance of salt. It leaves a delicious lingering flavor in your mouth.

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Full Time Cheesemonger, Fairfield

What made you want to work in cheese?

I wanted a career where I'd be learning something new each day. There's so much to take in, and it's always satisfying to uncover more details. It also tastes pretty good, which is a nice bonus.

What is your favorite part of being a cheesemonger?

My favorite part so far has been seeing how cheeses vary depending on things like time of year and other unpredictable aspects. It always retains its identity, but sometimes certain portions of it come through more than they did the time before.

Your favorite cheese right now?

Bleu de Causses! We haven't had it in quite some time, and I missed it. Such a great combination of big flavors and a rich, soft texture. Precisely what I want going into fall.

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Full-time cheesemonger, Greenwich

What made you want to work in cheese?

Wanting to work with cheese was a) because I like cheese of course and b) I am super fascinated by the fact that with 4 basic ingredients you can make all these different types of cheeses and flavors etc so basically the science behind it..

What is your favorite part of being a cheesemonger?

My favorite part about being a cheesemonger is representing the people and the amazing cheeses they make and helping to guide a customer to it.

Your favorite cheese at the moment? Why?

My favorite cheese has to be the Swallowtail Tomme. It is nutty grassy, buttery but the rind is amazing with notes of freshly turned soil, and roasted beets it is super complex and I just love it right now.

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Part-time Cheesemonger, Fairfield

What made you want to work in cheese?

I was looking to get back into the food industry and wanted A job that didn’t feel like work.  I was excited about the opportunity to learn more about a food that I love while supporting and promoting small businesses, local farmers, and artisanal producers.

What is your favorite part of being a cheesemonger?

Learning about and tasting new things every day!

Your favorite cheese right now?

Rispens. This sheep's milk Gouda is creamy, bready, yeasty, and sweet. It's a great snacking cheese.

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Full-time, Cheesemonger, Greenwich

What made you want to work in cheese?

I began my cheese journey back in 2004 at a small shop in Dobbs Ferry. I knew little about cheese or cheesemongering. My passion was ignited, like many others, after I had my first taste of artisanal cheese so many years ago, and it has never wained. I enjoy being immersed in this culture, which exudes so much passion for the product.

What is your favorite part of being a cheesemonger?

All the relationships I am blessed with and continue to grow. From the pastures, farms, and producers to customers, I get to share cheese with people. 

What is your favorite cheese right now?

Our Gruyere 1655 is a very special cheese imported from Switzerland by our friends at Columbia Cheese. This Gruyere is balanced in its buttery mouthfeel and bright boldness. This Gruyere has earned its spot at every fondue.

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Full-time Cheesemonger, Greenwich

What made you want to work in cheese?

I was first a part time cashier at Citarella in Greenwich Village, NY. Then one day I was offered a full time cheesemonger position. I knew nothing the cheese world. When I checked out the store’s cheese department, I was filled with an excitement that made me both nervous and curious. I wanted to learn about this world. That curiosity morphed into the love I now have for the industry.

What is your favorite part of being a cheesemonger?

My favorite part of being a cheesemonger changes from time to time. I suppose that’s because I find something new to appreciate. Before my favorite thing was to recommended cheeses to folks who never had a specific cheese before. Now, I realize my new favorite thing is demystifying cheese boards. I have fun instructing customers on how to easily put together their own board. They end up feeling way less intimated. I always tell them that no matter what, their board will come out great because they put their heart into it.

Your favorite cheese right now? Why?

My favorite cheese right is Chällerhocker. Even though you’ll see my “monger pick” at the shop lists Sofia, Chällerhocker has my heart on lock. Both cheeses are excellent but something about those deep, brothy, earthy, onion-y flavors gets to me. Chällerhocker is great as a snack or melted into a fondue. The firm texture becomes creamy and I love that.

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Full-time Cheesemonger, Fairfield

What made you want to work in cheese?

At the beginning of the pandemic, I was working in higher education, feeling unfulfilled and unhappy. I asked myself the question, “What job could I have where I would never have a bad day?” 2 weeks later, I arrived for my first day behind the counter. It’s been over 2 years since that day, and while this job is challenging and hard work, I have found my passion and leave each day feeling accomplished and, most importantly, happy!

What is your favorite part of being a cheesemonger?

I am completely hooked on the feeling of a true connection with a customer. Working together to find a cheese that lights you up is what I strive for. Plus, the easy access to cheese is a nice perk.

What is your favorite cheese right now? Why?

I’ve got to go with Alpha Tolman. I am a devout lover of Alpine style, and with Jasper Hill’s refurbished copper vats from the Jura mountains of France, their Alpine cheeses have been out of this world lately. Alpha is sweet and savory, a great snacking cheese, and a kitchen powerhouse; it’s a win-win-win in my book!