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Brabander goat's milk gouda is made in the Brabant region of southern Holland from the pasteurized milk of Saanen goats. It is aged by our dear friend Betty Koster who with her husband Martin own two amazing cheese shops in Amsterdam. Betty and Martin work closely with the producers to ensure great practices and high quality cheese. They select their wheels and age them at slightly warmer than normal temperatures which Betty believes help develop a greater complexity and depth of flavor. Brabander is dense and creamy with flavors of nut, caramel, hay and just a touch of gaminess.

Farm/Producer/Importer: Fromagerie L'Amuse/Essex St. Cheese Company
Place: Brabant, Holland
Style: Firm
Milk Type: Goat
Rennet: Vegetarian
Age: 8-10 months
Pairing: Off-dry Riesling, White Ale