Brabander Reserve/Black Betty


Fromagerie L'Amuse

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Artfully Chosen

Every year Betty Koster of Amsterdam's L’Amuse Cheese Shop sets aside a small amount of her Brabander goat gouda and ages them double the amount of time. Brabander is typically aged for 8 months, so Brabander Reserve (AKA Black Betty) is aged 16 months. She releases them to small, independent shops like ours just in time for the holidays. Brabander Reserve is crystally with big caramel, grass, and milkshake flavors. Don't miss it!

Farm/Producer/Importer: Fromagerie L'Amuse/Essex St. Cheese Company
Place: Brabant, Holland
Style: Hard
Milk Type: Goat
Rennet: Vegetarian
Age: 16 Months
Pairing: Off-dry Riesling, White ale