Le Pommier

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Firmly rooted in the Norman cheesemaking tradition, Camembert le Pommier represents the distinctive terroir and offers the most authentic-tasting examples of these classic French cheeses available in the US. The milk for Le Pommier cheeses is sourced within the PDO area from herds, including the traditional Normande breed, which is renowned for its quality. It is gently pasteurized, and a complex blend of cultures is added before cheesemaking begins. A lactic set and traditional methods are used to produce cheeses that will develop and ripen with proper aging.

Farm/Producer/Importer: Le Pommier/Herve Mons
Place: Normandy, France
Style: Bloomy
Milk Type: Cow
Rennet: Traditional
Age: 3-6 weeks
Pairing: Chardonnay (nothing too oaky), Beaujolais, Doppelbock or sparkling, dry cider