Cornish Yarg


Lynher Dairies Cheese Co.

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Catherine Mead produces Cornish Yarg at Lynher Dairies Cheese Co. in southwestern England. Its defining characteristic is its beautiful rind which is covered in nettles that are foraged, soaked to remove the sting, and then hand-applied to the outside of the cheese. As the cheese matures, a variety of molds grow through the leaves to form a thin and earthy-tasting rind. The rind is completely edible. Cornish Yarg's flavors are clean and milky, with delicate notes of mushrooms and earth.

Farm/Producer/Importer: Lynher Dairies Cheese Co.
Place: West Cornwall, England
Style: Semi-soft
Milk Type: Cow
Rennet: Traditional
Age: 4-5 weeks
Pairing: Chardonnay (Burgundy). English pale ale