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Named for its domed shape, Coupole is dense and creamy and has a mild, wrinkly rind that contributes to yeasty and nutty flavors. Coupole's paste is delicate and citrusy with a fudgy texture that contrasts with the flavor of the rind.  Founded in the 1980s by Allison Hooper and Bob Reese, Vermont Creamery started with a delicious fresh chevre and has continued to grow to offer an ever-expanding array of dairy products. Over 30 years later, and with more than 100 national and international awards, Vermont Creamery produces some of the most revered goat cheese

Farm/Producer/Importer: Vermont Creamery
Place: Websterville, VT
Style: Soft-ripened, geotrichum rind
Milk Type: Goat
Rennet: Vegetarian
Age: 3-5 weeks
Pairing: Sancerre, Oregon Pinot Noir, Saison