Gotthelf Emmentaler AOP


Bernhard Meier

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This Gotthelf Emmentaler is the most traditional Emmentaler cheese made and fits our mission to support traditional cheesemakers. To maintain the cheese's original character, Bernhard Meier, the cheesemaker, uses his own unique cultures taken from the whey from each previous batch. He only makes two wheels a day to ensure quality. The milk comes from cows at nearby mountain farms because it is made most traditionally and is the last producer making Emmentaler this original way. Slow Food awarded this cheese a Presidia award to raise awareness and ensure its continued existence. Emmentaler is amazing in fondue, on potato gratin, for ham sandwiches.

Farm/Producer/Importer: Bernhard Meier/Gourmino Imports
Place: Emmental Valley, Switzerland
Style: Semi-firm
Milk Type: Raw Cow
Rennet: Traditional
Age: 15-18 Months
Pairing: Chardonnay, Kolsch