Gruyère Alpage AOP (Alp Vacheresse)


Maurice Bapst

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Gruyère d’Alpage AOP is also a denomination protected by the AOP specifications that are only made in summer. Cows go up to mountain pasture and graze on lush and varied grass. The milk they produce is rich in flavor, which is passed on to the cheese.
Gruyère d’Alpage AOP is exclusively pressed in cloth. At the beginning of autumn, the Alpine herdsmen and their herds come back down from the mountains. This process of bringing cattle down from the mountains for winter is called the “désalpe,” and it is fittingly celebrated. 

Our Gruyere Alppage is made by Maurice Bapst during the summer on the Vacheresse Alp. It is produced from June to September. During these months, he milks 38 cows owned by several different farmers twice a day, and on average, he makes 3 wheels of Le Gruyère Alpage AOP every day. The cheese is made in the old, traditional way over an open wood fire.