Kirkham's Lancashire


Mrs. Kirkhams

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Kirkham's Lancashire is the world's last farm-made, raw milk Lancashire cheese being produced in Lancashire, England. Since 1978 the Kirkhams have made cheese on their farm and now three generations later Kirkham son Graham, has taken the reigns. The milk comes from their own herd of Holstein Friesian cows. Lancashire has an incredible texture. It is crumbly but still moist and is best eaten in chunks. Its flavors are lemony, yogurty, and bright. Our wheels are selected just for us by Neal's Yard Dairy in London.

Farm/Producer/Importer: Lower Beesley Farm/Mrs. Kirkham's/Neal's Yard Dairy
Place: Near Goosnargh, Lancashire England
Style: Firm
Milk Type: Raw Cow
Rennet: Traditional
Age: 12 months
Pairing: Chablis, Oloroso Sherry or Hefeweizen