Lomo Ibérico de Bellota



This incredible lomo Ibérico de Bellota is made from the meat of free-range Ibérico pigs that feast on rich Spanish acorns, or 'bellotas.' They get plenty of exercise roaming about the Dehesa, or mountain oak meadows. In the autumn, they gorge on the acorns as well as other natural herbs, grasses, and mushrooms. The result is a flavor unparalleled in the world.

Fermin Lomo Ibérico de Bellota is cured with sea salt, garlic, and pimentón smoked paprika, which lends it a rich smoky flavor with very little fat. Since it has such a rich and wonderful flavor, most people slice the lomo thinly and serve it on a plate just as it is, perhaps with some aged cheese or Marcona almonds. Others drizzle the slices with olive oil.

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