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Spelt Flour

One of the ancient hulled wheat, spelt, is a principal grain used in Germany and Switzerland. It is nutrient-dense with a sweet aroma. A protein level of 11% means that this spelt is excellent in bread and all-purpose applications. This variety is called Oberkulmer. Use as you would wheat flour.

Red Fife Flour

Sweet and nutty tasting, this heritage grain has a reddish hue and gives bread a delightful aroma. Heritage Red Fife was re-popularized in Canada several decades ago and has found its way to Maine. 

Maine Grains serves bakers, brewers, chefs, and families freshly-milled, organic, and heritage grains sourced from the Northeast.
They support the farmers' health and livelihood and communities they serve by re-localizing grain production and milling. Their traditional stone milling process ensures nutrient-packed products full of flavor and perfect for natural fermentation, baking, and cooking.

2.4 lbs. each