Melinda Mae


Mystic Cheese Company

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Melinda Mae is hand-crafted by cheesemaker Brian Civitello at Mystic Cheese, a small creamery in Groton, Connecticut. Mystic Cheese sources their high-quality milk from a local farm and produces a small line of delicious cheeses. Melinda Mae is a soft-ripened cheese with a beautiful edible snowy white rind. It is soft and pillowy with a smooth, gooey paste. Melinda Mae tastes like white button mushrooms, sour cream, and cultured butter, and it finishes with a bright, refreshing tang. Brian's inspiration is the robiolas of Northern Italy.

Farm/Producer/Importer: Mystic Cheese/Brian Civitello
Place: Groton, CT
Style: Bloomy
Milk Type: Cow
Rennet: Traditional
Age: One Month
Pairing: Champagne, Wheat beer