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Jan and Roos van Schie produce this traditional Boerenkaas (farmhouse) Gouda on a lake island known as Zwanburgerpolder in the south of Holland. The herd is made up of Montbeliarde and Red Friesians cows, which are not common breeds for Gouda production. The cows feed on pastures all year long, and their organic, raw milk becomes a Gouda with incredible character and flavor. Look for butterscotch, grass and pineapple notes and a crunchy texture from the protein crystals (tyrosine) that develop as the cheese ages. Since it is made on an island, the wheels get to the mainland by rowboat!

Farm/Producer/Importer: Jan and Roos van Schie/Fromagerie L'Amuse/Essex St. Cheese
Place: Zuid, Holland
Style: Firm
Milk Type: Raw cow
Rennet: Traditional
Age: 15-18 months
Pairing: Gewürztraminer or Syrah. Brown ale