Baked Winnimere

Baked Winnimere

Laura Downey

There are times when doing a big fondue or raclette dinner is just too much for the occasion. Enter baked Winnimere. This recipe is based on the classic recipe for baked Vacherin Mont d'Or that originates in the French and Swiss Alps. Mont d'Or is special because it is seasonal. It is made between in the winter months when the cow's are eating hay, and their milk is rich and fatty. Winnimere from Jasper Hill Farm follows this same tradition. Winnimere is made from raw cow's milk in Greensboro, Vermont. This cheese has become an American classic. The young cheeses are wrapped in spruce cambium strips, the tree's flexible inner bark layer is harvested from Jasper Hill Farm's property. During aging, the cheese is washed in brine to help develop the rind and funky flavors. It is aged for sixty days and is spoonably soft with flavors of bacon, sweet cream, and spruce. Baking it amplifies these flavors and turns it into a hot gooey, fondue that is perfect for dipping. We love it with potatoes, bread, and even apples. It's the ideal party cheese and great for a small group. 

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